Ink is Unique

Ink is an evocative domain name. What you see when you think of ink will vary greatly but will nonetheless revolve around creation, messaging, and artistic and professional roles.

What is .ink?

It is Tattoo

For those involved in American tattoo culture, the term “ink” has been an important part of the shared lexicon for years. The word “ink” is generally seen as more relevant than “tattoo” to those who live and work around ink everyday – and it is easier to spell for those searching the Internet!

Printers + Ink Industries

Printer ink sales, ink manufacturing, and business printing represent prominent aspects of the global economy. They are exploding in developing markets and continue to grow through technological and cost improvements in developed markets. .ink domains will allow ink-centered industries to create a new and distinct presence online.


.ink is perfect for those passionate about the written (or typed) word, like bloggers, publishers, and writers. For some, this association may be more romantic and clever than explicit, such as bloggers and writers putting their “ink” to a page by publishing on a .ink site.

Artists + Creatives

The .ink TLD will appeal to an unstructured group of artists, designers, and creatives, especially those involved in ink based arts, such as drawing, painting, and calligraphy. For visual artist and designers, this connection will be both thematic and inspired.

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Watch our launch video! and the New Top-Level Domain Names

November 17th 2014

Publishers Weekly–”Amazon’s purchase of the .book generic top-level domain has prompted speculation about how the e-tailer plans to use it. Amazon bought the TLD for a reported $10 million last week, allowing it to sell domain names with the .book suffix.

Amazon declined to comment on its plans for the TLD, but Raymond King, CEO of Top Level Design, owner of the generic TLD .ink, said he expects Amazon to offer .book domain names for sale to the public as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) intended, as well as using the TLD for its own business purposes. ‘Why would they close it off?’ King asked, in response to speculation that Amazon might keep the domain name solely for its own use. ‘You don’t want to limit your TLD. Amazon is known for being a visionary company, and it’s in their interest to make .book available to all authors.’”
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Be the King of Your Domain

October 15th 2014

Pain Magazine–”With an estimated 114 million websites using the .com extension, the options for many small businesses and startups have all but dried up. Until recently, entrepreneurs either had to pay handsomely to acquire the .com name they wanted or settle for a second-rate choice such as .net, .co or .biz.

If you’re looking for or you’re likely too late. Even if you’re creative and try for something like, you’re probably still out of luck.

Fortunately, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the non-profit group that manages domain names, has begun approving new extensions that provide additional opportunites for entrepreneurs to set up a more appealing and descriptive space on the web. Soon you’ll have the choice of top-level domain (TLD) endings like .photography, .law, .heath, and .club. Since we’re talking tattoos here, you’ll be excited to know that you can even get .ink…”
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Putting the Ink into Your Website

September 16th 2014

PrintMonthly–”Dot ink (.ink) is being offered to printers and those involved in the print industry by Top-Level Design (TLD) so their customers (or rather potential customers) can quickly source a print firm.

TLD says the .ink domain has been created specifically for those who are passionate about ink. In a statement the firm says: “The new .ink extension caters to industries or individuals involved with ink—from typographers and printers to publishers and artists. The domain extension has now been launched for general availability…”

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Publishers Can Boost Discoverability with Newly Released Web Domains

September 16th 2014

Publishing Executive–”A slew of new web domains are dramatically changing the face of the Internet by providing more tailored domains beyond “.com” and “.net” that speak to websites specific interests. With this sudden rush of new online real estate, publishers can capitalize on the domain expansion to make their websites and products more accessible to readers.

Since last February, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) — the international non-profit charged with overseeing the Internet’s infrastructure — has opened the way for website owners to adopt new web suffixes other than the commonplace .com for their online presences. These web suffixes are known as generic top level domains (gTLDs), and they allow businesses, publishers included, to secure short and succinct web URLs that are specific to their work…”
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Glow in the dark, white ink and celebrity clones: Top 10 tattoo trends

July 30th 2014

Daily Star– “Tattoos were once considered an alternative art form, but now inking is becoming one of the biggest trends in the UK. In fact a whopping one in 10 Brits would consider getting inked-up, according to a recent survey. The poll, by .Ink, also found that attitudes towards tatts are changing, with nearly two-thirds of British consumers saying tattoos are more socially acceptable than they used to be. This year has seen a huge rise of celebs promoting their new tatts on social media sites, which has resulted in fans rushing out to copy their look. Cara Delevingne’s white “breathe deep” tattoo, Rihanna’s “Shhh” ink and Cheryl Cole’s rose bottom are just some of the memorable tatts of the year.

Here, with .Ink, we take a look at the top 10 latest tattoo trends…”

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Website Domain Extension Created for the Printing Industry

July 24th 2014

“Digital Printer–A new Top-Level Domain (TLD) has been created so that companies operating within the print industry are able to identify themselves online with the .ink suffix instead of .com

The new .ink extension caters to industries or individuals involved with ink – from typographers and printers to publishers and artists. The domain extension has now been launched for general availability, where domain name registrations are secured on a first come, first serve basis.”

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New .ink IDNs!

July 11th 2014

Additional International Domain Names (IDNs) are now available in the .ink TLD! With .ink’s increased IDN capacity, you will now be able to register the domain name of your choice in a variety of scripts and languages, such as Thai, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Greek, Latin, or Arabic!

IDNs allow registrants to use their preferred language and characters when registering a domain and make the naming process simpler and more intuitive for non-English speakers.

.ink launches & Pictures from the biggest domain name event ever

June 24th 2014

Two heavily inked models help kick off .ink.

.Ink launched at 2pm local time Monday, as Ray King literally “pressed the launch button” at a launch event.

The company hired these two models to help promote the extension. I’ve got to say, these two models were very excited about .ink.

The extension is geared to more than just tattoo fans: printers, ink companies, PR…the list goes on. It’s an unusual extension in that it’s a niche name with multiple connotations.

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.ink Landrush now open!

June 13th 2014

Landrush is OPEN! Check out this visual of the types of names available with real examples. These names and more will be available June 5-19!
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Top Level Design LLC , the company behind .ink, initially applied to run 10 new TLDs, and .ink is following closely behind its first live TLD, .wiki. Top Level Design’s portfolio is aimed at empowering artistry and passion, allowing the Internet’s content creators to find a domain name that is in line with their work. The company remains involved in an additional 6 TLD applications.

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